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Lire la vidéo

In Between

Duration 17min.
Creation Rooms 2016.

Written & performed by :
Arianna Rodeghiero.

Original music : Samuel Moncharmont.

This solo is a journey into the memory. An exploration through the unsure territory of the “remembering” of a particular taste, emotion, and situation.
It is a space where past and present meet and crash each other, into an endless dialogue and interlocking games, like going back and forward in a track of a movie.
In between dream and reality, where one sneakes into the other.
Distorsion of reality, dèjà vu as a remembering of a dream, flashes of sensations already experienced that come back to the body and to the mind. appearing and disappearing of ghosts of the memory.
Those are all elements that run after one another in a “not knowing” dimension, in order to try to remember and put together the strings of a story or of a forgotten dream.
It is a private and internal journey through the time, that the spectator attends almost as if he was invisible to the eyes of the performer, picking at it from the outside.